Milpitas Camera Club Field Trip
Field Trip: San Jose Christmas-in-the-Park
Trip Date: December 16, 2007
Report Author: Scott Hinrichs
Report Date: January 6, 2008

In mid-December two of us met for breakfast and came to downtown San Jose to walk through the Christmas in the park display. In spite of the slightly cheesy quality of some of the older exhibits, it proved to be a pleasant experience.

My fellow club member and I had a nice chat as we strolled through the morning croud looking for anything interesting. We later took a short side trip over to the new City Hall complex on Santa Clara street and ended the trip on a pleasant note just before noon.

Thanks to those who helped close out the 2007 Field Trip season and thanks to you all for attending last year’s field trips. I am working on the new schedule and will bring it out in January, very soon.

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