Milpitas Camera Club Field Trip
Field Trip: Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge
Trip Date: January 17, 2010
Report Author:Scott Hinrichs
Report Date: January 29, 2010

The Sunday, January 17 field trip to Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge started out very well with a good breakfast at Mil's Diner in Milpitas and a good number of participants showed up. (I counted about eight.) Things began to go south when we discovered that the Alviso environmental education center didn't open until 10 a.m. and the weather was threatening to rain. Our group drove over to Alviso and did some shooting there before going back to give the visitors' center another try.

I had a canoe strapped to the top of my car, so my paddling partner and I ventured over to Mc Carthy Ranch to launch into the Coyote Creek Slough. After hauling the boat over levees and thick grass and weeds, I managed to get it to the muddy bank and into the water. We boarded without incident and headed bayward with the ghost town of Drawbridge in mind. It wasn't long before our plans changed when the sky opened up with a pretty good rain shower. We turned tail and paddled for home and by the time I got the boat back on the car, every item of clothing was drenched. End of trip.

I hope the others had a little better luck with the day and I hope someone got some good images out of it. In retrospect, the Fremont visitors' center might be a better choice for a future field trip. Thanks to all those who showed up for this not-so-successful trip.

© 2010 S.R. Hinrichs